martedì 30 agosto 2016

FAIDAR - Description and Download

I always had the dream of making my own 2d fighting videogame.
I tried by starting the "OriMuGa (Original Mugen Game)" project, then the project failed due to excessive amount of work. The second project I tried was "No-on" but again, something went wrong as everything seemed to be too simplistic and evil.
I've never actually dreamed about making a fighting game like StreetFighter3rdStrike or even better high-resolution games like Guilty Gear or KOF XIII.

So I can say tha the game I've just made is about "not giving a heck". My first approach to development was too ambitious, my second approach to development was too simplistic. I actually started to tell myself "go easy on it, but not too easy" and that's it, the game is complete with 8 chars and stages, a fully original soundtrack and everything seems to work fine, for an alpha version.

The game has only Arcade mode because: dude, you must be really a loser if you play MUGEN with other people. I wanted to be fully honest by making a totally random game to be enjoyed for just 10 minutes.
But I don't know if I did good because I've still received no feedback. It must suck, appearently.

have been made in Blender, then adapted with different programs such as Gimp or PaintShopPro.
It has been a pain in the arse especially when I had to conform characters to necessary sprites or doing other things only a MUGEN developer could know.
I feel like a serial killer, as I've never made a char in 3 single days. I've made 8 chars in 4 weeks, including stages. Blender saved a lot of time in fact of graphics, and I think I like the simplistic form of my characters: no textures, no face details, weird posing, etc. I wanted it to be unique and so I did, even if it looks weird, but who gives a heck?

have been recycled from my past artworks. I just wanted to make the game in the shortest time possible, I really didn't want to make it "the hard way", designing it all in pixel-art just to amuse some nostalgic turd who's too afraid to leave the pixel-art to the past. I mean: I LOVE pixel-art, but this game is not the case, it's just not about the beauty of it all, it's about giving yourself to something crazy for 10 minutes of your life.

Has been also recycled. I made a lot of audio tracks in the past. Electronic/Experimental/Alternative genre. Maybe even too alternative because I don't know what the fuck I did, but I liked it. So I decided to give my tracks a least of utility by making them animated the scene. I made more than 300 hundred tracks, most of them suck, so the game has hypothetically a selection of them. Only the best or the most fitted have been chosen.

has been a pain in the arse too, as it's really difficult to set a balance between characters, giving them the right commands, making commands simple, reducing the number of moves to a specific number, conformizing them into the same attitude but different specific value such as strenght, velocity, etc.
You don't get it from the gamer's view, that's why I like MUGEN, it makes anything more difficult to understand. Any char has been given a different "personality" also according to their moveset.

Well that's enough, folks.
My english is still bad even over years of living online and forgetting about the outside world.
But you can't miss the chance to play this horrible, mediocre, naive and stupid game I've made.

You can download it here: GAMES PAGE
If you're not new to MUGEN, feel free to use the chars and stages as you wish.
If you wish to host them, though, give them a proper linking to my page, thanks!

domenica 14 agosto 2016


By clicking HERE you can download FAIDAR - Alpha.
The game is contained into a ZIP file and hosted on my personal website ftp host.
The size of the ZIP file is 64Mb.
To play the game, unzip the file to any folder you like, and run " FAIDAR.exe " which is the main program.
To play fullscreen, press Alt+Enter.
To customize commands, see the options mode in the program.
For further info, check the "README.txt" file contained into the main folder of the game


FAIDAR is a complete and original fighting videogame, totally developed by Emanuele Pepi.
The game features original graphics, audio and fx and a selection of 8 playable characters, each one of them has its own stage, story and background and particular movelist.
It's a quick and arcade fighting videogame you can download and play for free.
It has been developed in a month and includes many 3d elements which were previously feautured in some of Emanuele Pepi's illustrations, but it also contains new elements, concepts and audio part/remixes of the original indie tracks you can listen by visiting this page.
This game is not for commercial use, you can't sell as it uses the MUGEN engine, developed by Elecbyte.
It is presented "as it is", no virus found on it, tested on Windows XP, the author is not responsible for any damage it may cause in case of system incompatibility.
Check the download section and, after downloading the program, read the " README.txt " file for full information, FAQ, movelist, etc. about the game.

Thank you for visiting!


Here are some screenshots of the game.
You can find more "work in progress" chronicles on my facebook page (click here for the mobile version).